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the past is a script we are constantly rewriting

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Birthdate:Nov 25
Wenn du einmal diese Welt verlässt, sorge nicht dafür, dass du sie als guter Mensch verlässt, sondern dass die Welt, die du verlässt, gut ist.
Care not for leaving this world as a good person, but for leaving a good world behind.

Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.
John Milton, "Paradise Lost"

None of which is to say that life is devoid of purpose and meaning. Only that these are things we create, not things we discover out there in the fundamental architecture of the world. The world keeps happening, in accordance with its rules; it’s up to us to make sense of it.
Sean Carroll @ CosmicVariance

I like things to be story-shaped. Reality, however, is not story-shaped.
Neil Gaiman, "The Flints of Memory Lane" in "The Fragile Things"

✰ me
Dr. pax. (Astro)Physicist, reader, writer. Scientist. Feminist. Constantly overbooked, but that's what makes my life fun. Never doing anything half-heartedly. Curious and sceptic to the bitter end. A nerd in a (mini) skirt and proud of it. Books are life. Loving John Milton's "Paradise Lost" and "The Authority"-comics with the same burning kind of passion. Unhealthily obsessed with MCU-Loki.

Bitterness and cynicism have never yet changed anything to the better, so leave them at the threshold before entering. Strict follower of the no-drama rule. Allergic to esotericism, homoeopathy (though isn't it the same?), etc. Atheist. Believing only in humanity and the fact that books can change this world. And sometimes in fortune cookies, especially the ones in your standard unix shell.

Multilingual: German, English, Russian. A little Latin. Tiny bits of Japanese. English is not my mother tongue, so don't expect me to be perfect, though I try. My Russian is rather rusty, too, so tell me what I've done wrong - nicely.

✰ the way so far
Chisinau, Moldova - Augsburg, Germany - Munich, Germany - San Diego, USA - Munich, Germany - Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Munich, Germany - Bamberg+Munich, Germany - San Diego, USA - Bamberg+Munich, Germany - Bamberg+Rosenheim, Germany - Boston/Cambridge/Somerville, MA, USA - now: Leiden, The Netherlands

It's not a job. It's not my job. It's my life. Scientific publications available on the usual websites. Short stories published here and there, but literary writing currently on hiatus (but not my scientific one, that not at all).

✰ friending & stuff
60% public. 40% friends only. 98% English, 2% German. Older entries are mostly friends only.

New friends are always welcome. I'm absolutely fine with people friending me, that's why this is a public blog, at least for a big part. I'll regularly check on people who have friended me but if I don't see an apparent reason (e.g. if we haven't spoken somewhere already, don't share a lot or some important interests, etc.) I might not friend back; this does have nothing to do with you personally, but with a number of trolls and bots that are around lately. In this case, drop me a comment somewhere or write me a PM - in short, talk to me and give me a chance to learn to know you!

And I don't bite, really! At least as long as people do not try to tell me what to write or not write about in my blog.

I regard my friendlist rather as a reading list - meanwhile there are people on it whom I would consider friends. And these people know it, I think.

This is the Internet. I'll use 'du' and 'ты'. If you feel offended, it's not my problem.

✰ rules of the game
1. It's the Internet, but it does not hurt to be nice, does it? To have made someone's day is a better feeling than to have ruined it by a rude comment.

2. A friend once described this blog as something in the best tradition of a salon. Another said that what I write here is meta for my own life. I concur with both. And in any case: be welcome. I don't often ask for favours or a certain behaviour on this blog, except for the usual request to be respectful towards others. If I do, it's important to me. Please honour the request.


Создай свою Карту Путешественника!

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Books I want to have in German, English and Russian
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The philosophy of my life (on good days) is wonderfully summed up by this xkcd strip:

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